International security operations

"The security situation in Congo has suddenly worsened due to questionable election results. There is an uneasy atmosphere in the large cities, and the Western society feels un upcoming threat. The Dutch embassy needs specialist advice how to deal with this situation (security embassy, ambassador protection, home security residence, evacuation planning). The ambassador decides to hire an experienced security manager for the next few months."

"A Dutch NGO starts a mission in Pakistan and sends 15 employees to the area. There is an increaded security risk in the area due to a number of violent incidents that happened in the past month against Western NGOs. The NGO needs an experienced  manager who can locally advise on safety and security measures."

"A renowed international construction company is, on behalf of the local government, implementing a project in Tanzania. The project suffers huge delays due to heavy materials being stolen on the different construction sites. The local security company is unable to solve this problem." 

Cortex offers

Your organization and your staff have a right to a safe working environment, especially in countries where there is an increased safety risk. Cortex provides qualified security personnel with extensive experience in risk areas such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa, South America and the Gaza Strip. We work for embassies and political missions, NGOs and companies, where our staff can be deployed on a temporary or permanent basis. Our security personnel supports and advises local management in the field of safety and security. They also pursue specialized security tasks. Examples of this work include:

  • Writing, implementing and testing of security plans and procedures
  • Conducting security audits and writing and implementing of improvement plans
  • Selecting, hiring, managing and monitoring local security staff
  • Conduct individual counselling and security
  • Training staff on security procedures at, for example a demonstration, robbery or evacuation
  • Local management and implementation of an evacuation
  • Preparing staff traveling to risk areas
  • Increase the ability to drive safely in risk areas
  • Building and maintaining a local information network


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