Fraud & Integrity

'A company from the south of the country develops innovative software solutions for the automotive industry. The cornerstone of the company is research and development. Much is invested to recruit the scarce available highly educated science graduates, both form the Netherlands and the rest of the world. At one point the company notices that an Asian competitor is always just ahead of them with identical solutions.'

'A cleaning lady working for a wealthy family finishes her work after many years. A new claning lady is hired. At first the new cleaning lady only works if someone else is at home. After a few weeks, for pratical reasons, the key and the code of the alarm are given to her. Six months later, there is a break-through an open window.'

'A whistleblower reports to one of the board members of a large construction company. He indicates that he noticed large amounts of residual material within the company are disappearing. Both subcontractors and project leaders would be aware of this.'

Cortex offers

More and more companies and individuals are faced with a form of fraud, theft or an intergrity violation. Cortex believes that taking the appropriate measures can dramatically reduce this number. Screening of staff and / or pay attention to the theme of integrity are examples.

If an accident occurs Cortex is convinced that you can get out of it stronger. By investigating the incident in an appropriate way, handling and acting decisively. Integrity contributes to the success of the company.

Cortex provides:
  • (pre- and in) employment screening policy
  • (pre- and in) employment surveys
  • fraud and integrity investigations
  • electronic safety
  • integrity scan of your organization
  • workshop integrity



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