Corporate security

'A software company finds oppurtunities in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus to expand its activities. Not being familiar with the culture and safety in these countries, the question arises both with management and employees if travel is safe. Should they go? And if so, what can they do to reduce the risks?'

'An oil and gas company is facing a strong lobby against the presence of its large plants in the urban area of the Randstad in the Netherlands. Demonstrations are held at the headquarters. At the same moment several activists illegally enter an off-site installation. The Supervisory Board asks the management if security measures are in place.'

'A Dutch pharmacy family business decides to build a new headquarter. During the presentation of te first concept design it appears that 75 cameras and a robust fencing are incorporated into the design. When asked why the architect has no answer.'

'Due to the increased terror threat in Western Europa a large Dutch municipality is concerned about the security of its public services. The question is if the current reactive way of securing is still satisfactory.'

Cortex offers

Cortex supports your business 24/7/365 by providing insight into, and exposing the present security risks. We advise how to manage these risks and what kind of deployment of people and resources are needed. This includes organizational, structural and electronic measures. The interdependence between these measures is of the utmost importance, as each situation is unique and should reinforce each other.
Our way of working is practical and customized because we believe that every situation is unique and requires its own solution.

Cortex provides:
  • Security risk assessment
  • Advice on security measures
  • Writing security policies, plans and procedures
  • Review and testing of existing security measures
  • Deployment of security personnel (security manager, preventive observation, personal security and security chauffeur)
  • Training of employees and security staff
  • Specialized driving courses



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