Crisis management

'A major fire arises after an explosion, at a chemical company in the chemical industrial area the Botlek. Four employees are missing. Social media reacts immediately and shows images of the enormous smoke and panic. A spokesperson of the Public authorities informs the press briefly and an investigation has been launched to understand the cause of this disaster. Family employees are extremely worried and try to reach the company for inside information.'

'A medium-sized company in the south of the country achieves a large proportion of its sales from Western Africa. Their staff travels on a regular basis to Africa. For four days there has been no contact with a colleague when his family starts asking questions to the company. Two days later, the first media reports appear about a possible abduction.'

'The fully automated production of a southern European multinational falls completely for a longer period. The cause is an error in the control software of the Dutch supplier. Within hours, the software company is confronted with claims from the multinational, suggestive messages in the media and many questions from other customers.'

Cortex offers

A crisis can occur in many different forms. Scenarios are actually not predictable because every crisis is unique. First reactive measures are often taken immediately. What ultimately matters is to limit the impact of the crisis on the long term. To regain the initiative and communication to stakeholders is an essential element. Eventually you will emerge stronger from the crisis.

Cortex provides:
  • Structured preparation for a crisis
  • Writing of a crisis management plan
  • Training of a crisis management team
  • Training of spokespersons
  • Support during a crisis
  • Advising crisis management team
  • Organize and implement additional security measures



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