Family security program

'A security manager of a leading company questions whether the personal security of members of the Board is organized sufficient. He feels himself responsible for this. He wonders how he could integrate within the existing security measures of the company.'

'A family living in 't Gooi is nationally known to be wealthy. Cameras and alarm systems have been installed during the construction of their residence, and the family has a subscription with a monitoring centre. In the evening around ten o'clock when the wife is home alone she is attacked by three men. The burglar alarm goes off however the monitoring centre calls in vain. Meanwhile, the man drives home unknowingly.'

'The CEO of a Dutch business decides to close three Eastern European subsidiaries. Two days after this publication a stone gets thrown through a headquarter window. Shortly after that his family receives a harassing phone call at home. The CEO and his family are threatened. His wife and children feel unsafe and are afraid to leave the house. Security measures were never taken.'

Cortex offers

Your personal security and that of your family is of the utmost importance. Increasingly this sense of security gets threatened through assets, media attention, business success and social positions as such. In the organisation of your personal security Cortex finds it essential that all measures have been taken to minimize any impact on your private life and to relieve you of your concerns. Therefore customization of your needs is essential.

But how do you organize this and guarantee the right quality and coherence of all services. For example, between the monitoring centre, police, private alarm services and the security alarm fitter. Certainly at times when it really matters.

Cortex offers to take full responsibility and insures quality on your and your family's personal security. This family security program includes a personal risk assessment, continuous (24/7) accessibility and availability of Cortex personnel and expertise, managing the monitoring centre subscription and private alarm service.
Additional services will be determined in consultation with you and will be customized where needed.

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