At Cortex we believe that most of the security risks can be prevented in a comfortable and practical way. And if any incident or crisis does happen, we believe that you get out of it stronger. Therefore, we at Cortex think about all the security and crisis management measures. Each situation is unique and requires customization. This is called 'intelligent security'.

We support you 24/7/365 with these intelligent customized solutions. We are available for direct support and for support planned ahead. This can be the case with a sudden increased threat, extortion, abduction, (tiger) kidnapping or other serious security incidents and crisis situations.

We have our team of experienced specialists such as security consultants, close protection officers, observers, driving instructors, security managers, security coordinators, private investigators and crisis management experts ready to step in and assist. They all are broadly specialized, experienced and are used to work for many different clients and specialized units of defense and police.

Cortex services focuses in the areas of personal security, corporate security, crisis manangement, fraud & integrity and specialist driver training. Our motto: We offer quality and reliability in everything we do.

Our area is both national and international and we work for a variety of clients. This varies from medium-sized companies and government agencies to multinational corporations, boards of directors and wealthy families.

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